For starting a company, you’ll need to develop a business plan that will guide you on the various business aspects such as, business description, marketing, organizational plan, operation plan and financial plan. ERBS will walk you through these stages to develop and a feasible and viable business plan for your company. We will also be of great help in evaluating and reviewing existing business plans


Company Summary

  • Company Owner Why the business consulting firm is being started
  • How the business consulting firm will be startedBottom of Form
  • Services of Business Consulting Firm

Marketing Analysis of a Business Consulting Company

  • Market Trends
  • Marketing Segmentation
  • Business Target
  • Product Pricing
  • Marketing Strategy of Business Consulting Business
  • Competitive Analysis
  • Sales Strategy

Personnel plan

  • Company Staff
  • Employees salary and incentives
  • Company policy

Financial Plan

  • Break-even Analysis
  • Projected Profit and Loss
  • Projected Cash Flow
  • Projected Balance 
  • Business Ratios

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