His throne and cape include decorated with pictures of lions and salamanders

The King of Wands symbolizes unbridled optimism, risk-taking, and benevolence. It urges you to definitely lay out and manage your aims by getting your own leadership skill to close incorporate.

  • Element: Flame
  • Planet: Mars
  • Sign of the zodiac: Leo
  • Important dates: July 12 to August 11

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  • 2 The King of Wands Card as a Person
  • 3 The Master of Wands Upright: Good Meanings
  • 4 The Master of Wands Reversed: Adverse Significance
  • 5 Your Past, Present, and Future
  • 6 Crucial Cards Combos
  • 7 master of Wands: sure or No issues

Artistic Details and Symbolization

From inside the Rider-Waite patio, the master of Wands demonstrates the visibility of a king resting on their throne, holding extreme staff in the right hand. The staff try blossoming, symbolizing the resilience of existence in every their kinds.

The lions express energy and energy, while the salamanders represent flames. The focus try drawn to the salamanders, which have been biting their own tails — a paradoxical regard to the infinity.

The flame forms on the top in addition to bright orange colour of the king’s robe furthermore emphasize his fiery determination.

The master of Wands Card as someone

Attracting the King of Wands in a character researching indicates that you might be a natural-born chief, and that you exude self-esteem and determination.

The King of Wands will combat tirelessly to produce their particular needs and protect her beliefs. This all-natural drive pulls good focus, however their friendly and positive nature is what actually tends to make group stick around.