If a guy divorces a woman and she happens and marries another person, he will probably not take the lady again

Unique Global type "If men divorces their spouse and she will leave him and marries another guy, should the guy return to her once again? Wouldn't normally the area end up being completely defiled? You has lived as a prostitute with many different lovers-- do you today go back to me personally?" declares god.

Brand-new Living Translation “ for the would definitely corrupt the land

English expectations Version “If men divorces their partner and she goes from him and becomes another man’s spouse, will the guy go back to this lady? Would not that secure getting significantly polluted? You really have starred the whore with many fans; and are you willing to return to myself? declares god.

Berean Study Bible “If a man divorces his wife and she simply leaves your to marry another, can he ever return to the girl? Would not really a secure feel totally defiled? Nevertheless has starred the harlot with many different lovers—and you'd go back to myself?” declares god.

Master James Bible People say, If a guy store his partner, and she go from him, and start to become another man's, shall he return unto their once more? shall not that secure become significantly polluted? but thou hast starred the harlot with many different fans; yet return again in my opinion, saith god.

Brand new King James adaptation “They say, ‘If a man divorces their wife, And she happens from him And turns out to be another man’s, May the guy go back to this lady once again?’ Would not that land end up being significantly contaminated? You need starred the harlot with lots of enthusiasts; Yet come back to Me,” states the LORD.