I’ve found this response so annoying as a result of exactly exactly how away from step it seems with my very own experience being some sort of LGBTQ for almost twenty years.

In all of the period, I’ve known not many individuals who really identify as “a individual who really really loves humans,” “no labels,” or otherwise beyond identifiers, and the ones I’ve came across that do have the ability to escape easy categorization have actually for ages been running numerous sex amounts above whatever basic 101 these “humans whom love humans” are doing. Therefore, hearing a woman—especially one whose wealth could conceivably shield her through the everyday experiences of whatever marginalized identity she’s earnestly attempting to disidentify from—essentially say “no❤️” when expected an easy concern spurs lots of cynical, maybe even ungenerous concerns on my component. That are her buddies? What do her communities appear to be? Mine are full of those who label on their own and every other effortlessly, from your own yard variety “gays” and “lesbians” to “fags,” “trannies,” and “dykes.” (I’m sure I don’t have actually to describe exactly exactly how my buddies and I also are utilising those second three epithets as terms of affection or which our affinity for those of you terms does not justify their hateful usage by bigots.) Even in the event we didn’t make use of those terms amongst ourselves, no matter if we insisted on being called “humans who love humans” within community and outside it, you may not genuinely believe that would alter just exactly just how other folks speak about us?